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A modern innovative system for controlling the flow of visitors and beyond allowing you to reach new heights in service quality

No more time wasting for your visitors standing in line:
- Online time pre-booking for visiting.
- Mobile app to get the ticket remotely + API integration with your apps.
- SMS updates about queue progress.

  • Hardware choice is yours: our software works on smartphones, tablets and displays.
  • Get attractive: customise the interface graphics to match your corporate style, show useful pre-configurable information on the main display.
  • Get full and detailed statistics and monitor what is happening at your service points online in real time.
  • One-point centralised management allowing super quick deployment and changes and control efficiency.
  • Get customer satisfaction statistics thanks to built-in functionality.

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Any content on any device Smartsign is a publishing system that handles all kind of content and publish it on the right place in the right time, on any device.

Smartsign is an established system with many years on the market. It is flexible and easy to customize. And most important of all - Smartsign easy to use!

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CargoOnline Lab Last mile solution is used to support the whole last mile delivery process from gathering orders to analysing customer feedback.

This solution creates advantages for each party. Carriers improve their efficiency by optimizing human resources and cutting transportation costs. Merchants provide outstanding delivery quality by precise delivery slots and analyzing customer feedback on product and delivery. Client gains transparency of the whole delivery process.

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